Well, I may have talked about her briefly in December, but I wanted to more formally introduce The Cowntess. Cow-colored, cow-shaped, cow appetite (including grazing on grass), here she is in all her splendor!





The Cowntess and The Rocket

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but this one was taken by The Brother’s smart phone…his camera sucks (but The Cowntess’s eyes ALWAYS disappear in pictures!) The Rocket is my parents’ lab, who is roughly 3 years old. They’re getting along pretty well these days, though The Rocket is still more high-strung than The Cowntess would like. But then again, I think The Cowntess is about 20lbs bigger than The Rocket would like…especially since The Cowntess likes to throw herself on top of The Rocket when they’re playing in the yard. Ha. And yes, The Cowntess DOES cross her legs like that all the time. It’s pretty funny.

Anyway, The Cowntess is doing okay these days. She’s 88lbs, and we place her at somewhere around 4 years old. She’s pretty independent, loves to be outside, loves to lay in the dirt, and LOVES to bring dirt and grass in the house in her long hair. She’s a mutt, we think a cross between a Great Pyrenees and an English Setter. So her hair is long and is a dirt collector. She doesn’t seem to care, but it keeps me sweeping the kitchen floor pretty often. And as you can see, she really likes her food. We’re still working on that. I think she needs to lose another 10-15lbs, but we’ll see. She’s already lost at least 8lbs, but her previous adopter really let her go and overfed her, and then didn’t give her enough exercise. Bad combination for a dog that used to be a hunting dog in the Carolinas, and who was running several miles a day with her first adopter (we are #3 — and the final). She’s a good dog, but she likes the couch too much, and is pretty damn stubborn when it comes to recall. She doesn’t seem to know (or want to know) what the work “Come” or “Here” means. And when she wants to be outside–which is most of the time–getting her back in the house can be nigh on impossible. Ask The Giant, he’ll be happy to tell you all the stories.

Will The Cowntess blog? We’re not sure yet, we’re still waiting for the verdict. The offer has been made, but so far she’s been mum on the subject.

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