Obligatory Hurricane Sandy blog

That’s right, I might as well post a blog about Hurricane Sandy. Why? Because I’m awake now at 11:30pm Monday evening, with Sandy still roaring outside my windows. I am well aware how lucky we are to still have power at the moment, but also well aware that I doubt sleep will come for me while the winds continue to blow. Loudly. Strongly.

See, there are trees in our backyard. Not just trees, but big, tall, and not necessarily healthy trees out behind our house. We have a relatively nice plot of backyard between us and said trees, but I do not trust the space versus height of trees formula we have going on here. The Giant is less concerned, and is sleeping as I type. The Cowntess is somewhere in the house, empty bladder (finally, after 29 hours of holding it in protest), occasionally crying due to the storm.

So here I sit, watching the never-ending news/weather reports, periodically checking the wind speed gauge from the local weather station not two miles away. Highest gust so far is 55mph, but I don’t think the damn thing is working right. Every time we get a gust, I go check, and it seems to be 11-15mph when I am confident is must be upwards of 30mph out there. But what do I know? I’m just a layperson hiding in the house wishing the damn wind would go away.

Meanwhile, despite having a new creek in our backyard, I’ll be thrilled if we get through H. Sandy without water in our basement or a tree on (or in) our house. The creek will go away eventually without intervention, the other issues would require time and money and effort to repair. I mean, seeing the creek at least lets us know the swales are doing their job keeping the water away from the house (and the basement), so it’s good.

I think I’m addicted to the news about H. Sandy at this point. I can’t decide if it’s a distraction from the wildly swaying trees out back, or if it’s making me even nuttier than normal. And I think I’ve posted more on twitter today than I have in months, just to keep up with the chatter about Sandy.

Shhhh…what’s that? A lull?

Dammit, that was short-lived. Could have used the reprieve.

Better go check the news, see where H. Sandy is now. Make sure she isn’t sneaking up on our trees.

Hope you all weathered the storm without too much trouble. Be safe, and good luck in the clean-up.