We’re coming up on Mother’s Day, which means lots of shopping and cooking for me. That’s right, I said COOKING.

I will admit to being not the best cook. Oh sure, I try, and sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. But The Giant and I have been trying harder in the past couple of years because of my wheat allergies. Despite the fact that we both enjoy eating out, my allergies and The Giant’s food issues have made it less about fun and more about who offers what and what can we safely eat. So sans the fun, we have been going out less and cooking at home more. The Giant is a better cook than I am, there is no doubt about that. He also cooks more. And normally, with our moms and other family coming to us for Mother’s Day for the recent years (gosh, I think it’s been the last eight years? More? Less?), The Giant would be taking a big hand in the cooking. I would be his lovely assistant.

This year, though, with upheavals at his workplace, more of the cooking is going to fall to me. May the Good Lord look over my poor family and keep us from getting tummy aches. Oy.

So I’m making my shopping list. A few things on the menu are easy, like my fruit salad, whose special juju comes from frozen strawberries in a can, which has like juice in it that marinates with the other fresh fruit and is dy-no-mite. Easy peasy, just some fruit cutting. Also, we stumbled on a fantastic baked french toast recipe that everyone has gone ga-ga for, which is prepped the night before and baked the day of.

But then we try to get creative to flesh out the menu. One year we made like three different types of fresh fruit bread. They didn’t go over so well with anyone but The Giant. Another year we tried some apple muffins, which spent most of their sad life in the freezer because no one wanted them. One time I tried a dutch baby of sorts, which was a disaster.

This year we’re going to stick with some tried and true, since it’s going to be my responsibility. And thank goodness, even my Mom is going to help. She swears it’s not a big deal, and at this point I’m so happy for the help (we’re having even MORE people this year!) that I couldn’t turn her down. And truthfully, she’s making something The Giant loves and something I am too timid to attempt, so it should be good.

But in the meantime, I’m going to be a little nutso. I’ve already got a shopping list going, but no amount of planning and lists relieves my anxiety over the upcoming event. I do not have parties because I don’t enjoy the stress and anxiety it creates in me. But for our Moms, I would endure almost anything. And besides, it’s only once a year, right?

Just don’t get between me and my lists, ya’ll. That’d be bad news.

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