Sandra Z. Bruney has a new book, due to be released on June 30, 2012. The title is The Lunch Club, and here is Sandy’s trailer for the book!

A reminder of the book’s back cover blurb:

Husbands, Lovers, and Strangers

Harriet, Melody, Beth, and Jane Anne have been friends since their kids were in kindergarten. So far their friendship has been limited to bragging about their kids and then their grandkids. But with life comes changes, and now none of them wants to admit that she is struggling with a personal crisis. That is, until Melody announces she was scammed by the handsome rascal she met on an Internet dating site.

When Harriet sees Melody’s humiliation, she forgets her frustration at having to recover from a fall at a nursing facility instead of one of her children’s homes, and she decides to track Melody’s con artist down. Beth and Jane Anne are skeptical, but the search takes their minds off their own problems: the dire predictions made at Jane Anne’s May-December marriage are coming true, and Beth’s husband refuses to cut back on his lifestyle even though his pension has disappeared and their marriage is unraveling.

Working together, the four women find strengths they didn’t know they had…and learn what friendship really means.


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